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Voting & Tracking options : Outlook 2007

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  • Voting & Tracking options : Outlook 2007


    User has sent an email with Voting button “Approve;Reject” (voting and tracking option) to 6 managers so they can reply using voting button to approve/reject attached document.

    All managers has replied to email with voting button and sender has received reply from all, however when sender viewed the voting response, the response field shows status “Approve/reject” for only 2 recipient and for other 4 recipient the response filed status is empty.

    Our 1st line support replicated the issue with another set of users and the response field shows status “approve/reject” for all recipient.

    I am trying to know why the earlier email (sent to manager) didn’t show the response status for all recipients. I don’t think its known problem and neither sure it related to Outlook or something can be done by modifying setting on exchange server.

    Imp: the user will be sending the same sort of email every week and of course user don’t want to see the same issue.

    Appreciate anyone help.

    Outlook 2007 and Exchange Enterprise edition SP1.

    PS: Please find screen capture attached.
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    Re: Voting & Tracking options : Outlook 2007

    WHich version of Exchange -- 2003 or 2007? (or maybe older)

    Has the sender tried opening the messages?
    Are they going anywhere else like to a blackberry?
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      Re: Voting & Tracking options : Outlook 2007

      Exchange version is 2007 SP1.
      The message can be open from all reciepient the reply they sent with approve response.
      They are using blackberry.

      Do you think reply from blackberry cause this issue?


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        Re: Voting & Tracking options : Outlook 2007

        Try having them all reply using Outlook rather than a Blackberry and see if this fixes the problem. Also have them reply from the Blackberries and see if the problem persists.
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          Re: Voting & Tracking options : Outlook 2007

          Thanks for input, i've informed helpdesk to check as you suggested and will update you accordingly.


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            Re: Voting & Tracking options : Outlook 2007

            User sent out an email with voting option this morning at 11:13 am and got 1 response (by outlook) at 11:38 am. It is not track in the list. The original email sends out do not have the option to view the voting results.
            I really have no idea what should i repond to user and how to troubleshoot.
            expertise is needed. Thanks


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              Re: Voting & Tracking options : Outlook 2007

              can someone replies with troubleshooting steps or advice what could cause this issue.