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Outlook 2007 Calendars: Can't See Own Appointment

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  • Outlook 2007 Calendars: Can't See Own Appointment

    server = Exchange 2003 on Windows 2003 Standard
    client = Outlook 2007 on Windows XP

    Angela organized several appointments in Outlook 2007. The attendees can see the appointments in their calendars, but Angela cannot see it in hers. Nor do her appointments appear in Outlook Web Access.

    Because the appointments do no appear in Angela's calendar, she is unable to edit them.

    I have Read Only access to both Angela's calendar and Kari's calendar (one of the attendees). See screen shots below.

    Has anyone seen this type of behavior before? If so, what causes it?


    PS - outlook /cleanfreebusy did not resolve this problem.

    UPDATE 2: Angela is a member of (and the manager of) the universal distribution Change Control Board. She sent these meetings to that group.
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    Re: Outlook 2007 Calendars: Can't See Own Appointment

    Finding a possible solution at Bwain Dump (see below), I had Angela Recover Deleted Items from her calendar.

    The items were restored to her Inbox, but she could not Accept the appointment to put it in her calendar. "As the meeting organizer, you do not need to respond to the meeting." See screen shot below.

    However, she started to receive the pop-up reminders from Outlook: one that was for a meeting one day overdue, and one for a meeting due in five minutes (Thursday at 9:00 am, see the screen shots in the above post). The options from the pop-up reminder are "Snooze," "Dismiss," and (something like) "Other Action."

    From "Other Action," she was able to edit the appointment. After hitting Send, the appointment appeared in her calendar, but then disappeared a few seconds later -- without any user intervention. I was there, and saw this happen.

    Is there any way for Angela to move the appointment from her Inbox to her Calendar once it is recovered from Deleted Items?

    Sometimes we see a special case of this: a meeting invitation was sent out, and now everyone seems to have the meeting in their Calendar except, perplexingly, the person who organized it.

    This usually occurs when a meeting organizer invited a Distribution Group (DG) of which they are a member. Typically what happens is something like this:
    • George is in the Sales department and wants to set up the weekly department meeting
    • So he doesn't forget anyone, George invites the SalesDept DG in his address book
    • Because George is a member of the SalesDept DG, he also receives an invite to the meeting
    • George knows he already has the meeting in his calendar because he only created it a moment ago, so he deletes the invite from his Inbox
    • Outlook removes the meeting from George's calendar

    The 'solution' to this problem is for George to always remember to expand out any DG he invites to a meeting before sending. But George wants to know how he can fix this meeting where the mistake was already made.

    If George is lucky enough to be running in an Exchange environment where Deleted Item Recovery (aka The Dumpster) is enabled, he should go to his Calendar, select Tools > Recover Deleted Items, search for the meeting by subject, then restore it to his Calendar. He can then Cancel the meeting and re-book it with the SalesDept DG 'expanded' so that all the invitees appear individually.
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      Re: Outlook 2007 Calendars: Can't See Own Appointment

      Following the advice from the Bwain Dump link above, if Angela expands the Distribution List before sending out a meeting invite, she is able to

      • see the item in her calendar
      • change the meeting times
      • change the meeting from a single-instance to a re-occurring meeting

      The 'solution' to this problem is for George to always remember to expand out any DG he invites to a meeting before sending.
      However, I was able to send an invite to a test distribution group that I created to troubleshoot this problem, and make changes to the meeting, without having to expand the distribution group before sending the meeting. So this behavior is inconsistent.