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Solution for outlook cannot open error!

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  • Solution for outlook cannot open error!

    OK, If you have a problem with the OUTLOOK "CANNOT OPEN OUTLOOK" ERROR.
    here is what I did to correct it:

    1. Goto FOLDER OPTIONS and VIEW.
    2. Then uncheck the three OPTIONS OF VIEW HIDDEN (sytstem) FILES AND EXTENSIONS.
    3. Then goto the LOCAL FOLDER of your user account profile to locate the OUTLOOK FILES. they may have been changed to whatever webview ext.
    just change them to .pst files

    And wha la!! you should have your files back! also shutdown all ANTIVIRUS programs.

    Thanks, let me know if that helps!!razz:
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    Re: Solution for outlook cannot open error!

    Welcome to Petri, Aceforever
    Thank you for your interesting post. It would be very useful if you:
    a) Told us which versions of outlook it applied to
    b) Gave us more details about the error you are offering a solution to
    c) Gave a list of "outlook" files to change. For example, you do not want to change the .nk2 file extension, you will lose the quick address lookup

    And please remove the text size and font!

    IMHO, I would not shut down AV software, though
    Tom Jones
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    IT Trainer / Consultant
    Ossian Ltd

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      Re: Solution for outlook cannot open error!

      ok, sorry

      1)its Outlook 2007
      2) and it would be the profile files (ex. outlook, outlook1 ) in the personal folders
      3)And just to be safe... if would turn off the antivirus and firewall or reboot your system after
      you ve done it. I didnt have to reboot.

      From what I notice.. the error is due to the system changing the .pst files to a web view extension
      so i just viewed the hidden system files, changed the extensions and now the message is gone.
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        Re: Solution for outlook cannot open error!

        Formatting changed.