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Error with pst offline files

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  • Error with pst offline files

    Hi guys,

    Did somebody whent to TECH-ED 2009 in LA? The party was a litle cheep pherhaps but "Exchange 2010" whas cool isn't!! Also security from Ms.Laura and Mr. Mennasi.

    Oke, I have a problem with my redirect on a 2003 server. When my users logout they get the error "can not copy this kind of files offline. pst files.

    I take a look on MS technet but they suggest a work arroud that is not fixing my problem.
    This is a bottleneck from me and I cant get a solution yet.
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    Re: Error with pst offline files

    You would do well to post the exact error messages, any issues shown in the event log, that you have checked the security on the destination and what Technet articles you have followed.

    Please read this before you post:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: Error with pst offline files

      Seen this??


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        Re: Error with pst offline files

        Oke, this solution of MS maybe will fix the problem. But I dont know if it will work for 2003 R2, because it is applies to for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.


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          Re: Error with pst offline files

          It's not a problem. This is by design because some file types don't lend themselves to offline caching so MS doesn't cache them in order to avoid problems.

          It's like saying that GM won't make an 800HP engine and that it's a problem that they need to fix because I want to go faster. They don't make one because my car would blow up if they did.