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problame with connection to exchange

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  • problame with connection to exchange

    i have client that has office 2007
    i configured exchange account on his laptop
    and i want to give him the possibility to connect from outside from our network
    and without vpn connection
    i did that from account settings-->more settings--->connection-->exchange proxy settings,after that installed the server certificate.
    when i open outlook on our network everything work!
    when i connect to another network i have an error:
    there is a problem with the proxy server's certificate.the
    security certificate is not from a trusted certifying authority.outlook
    is unable to connect to the proxy server code *8*).

    one more thing
    if you know about this problem please give me the solution step by step because i dont have a lot of experience
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    Re: problame with connection to exchange

    Your solution is to make the self-issued certificate a trusted certificate, or to purchase a proper certificate.

    I won't give you step by step instructions, but I will tell you that what you need to do is export the certificate from the RPCProxy server, then import it on the client into the trusted root authority section of the certificates console.

    that should help you out..
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