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"Cancelled meeting" email cannot be moved

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  • "Cancelled meeting" email cannot be moved

    So, I got a user who for some strange reason decided to store his email in the deleted items folder. Funny how some people store the important stuff in their trash ...but anyway. The guy tried to move all these emails offline and found out he could not. Outlook (2003) did not move the emails but grouped all the headers (time, from, to, subject) into another (new) email body.

    I have done some testing and found that the following can be done to replicate the situation.

    • Empty your deleted items (for clarity).
    • Ask a colleague to create an appointment; he/she should include you in this appointment.
    • When you receive the calendar invitation, open it and then decline it.
    • Go to the "Deleted Items" or "Inbox" folder and move the appointment (with the "green person" in the icon) to another folder.

    Instead of moving this item to another folder, Outlook will open this item as a message with the details of the appointment in the body.

    Please note that it is not normal for a user to move such a message. Users do not normally “see” this message as it goes straight to the Deleted items folder (if you have the following enabled: Tools/Options/Email Options/Tracking Options/Delete blank voting and meeting responses after processing)

    Does anyone know if this is a bug?

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    Re: "Cancelled meeting" email cannot be moved

    Using Exchange 2003, Outlook 2007 (Outlook anywhere) I was able to replicate your described situation.

    I tihnk it's probably by design....
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      Re: "Cancelled meeting" email cannot be moved

      lol, i assumed it was a feature anyone else can confirm/deny this ??