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Outlookxp, syncronising and dialup.

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  • Outlookxp, syncronising and dialup.

    Is there a way (when on dial up) to run outlook offline but then just send/receive mail items so that when you close outlook down it doesn't try to syncronise (too long over dial up) alternatively, can i set up outlook so that it connects to the exchange server but only sends and receives (no syncronising) but will syncronise when back in the office.

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    Changing offline folder settings in Outlook XP


    You can change the email account settings so the connection state is manual - it will ask you whether you want to be offline or whether you want to connect to the server.

    Do the following click on Tools -> Email accounts -> view or change the way accounts are handled -> change -> More settings -> tick the box for Manually control the connection state

    Once you've done that, you can change the offline folder settings so that Outlook doesn't automatically synch when online.

    Click on Tools -> Send/Receive Settings -> Define send/Receive Groups -> take the tick out of automaticall synch when exiting)