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Price for Basic Office Outlook 2003

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  • Price for Basic Office Outlook 2003

    I know this is a stupid question but I just did a reinstall of XP along with Microsoft Office Basic Edition 2003. I had Express before but since Outlook was there I included it with the install. It got 'Activated' and now I'm wondering if I missed something about agreeing to buy it.

    If I already paid for it when I purchased Office that's great and I'll have more questions to ask but if not I'll need to uninstall it and try to avoid getting charged.

    Can anyone please assist me with this concern?

    Thanks much.

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    Re: Price for Basic Office Outlook 2003

    As you have the media and a license key, it has been purchased. There is the requirement to activate Office online. The fact it has allowed you to activate means it is legitimate. Should you have had trouble with activation, with it maybe being carred out before, you would then have to contact Microsoft to troubleshoot the issue or it indicates a copy that is not legitimate.

    Some Office software that comes with a machine may give a trial offer. When the trial expires or you have used the software the permitted number of times, you then have the option to purchase and the software won't function until you have done so.


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      Re: Price for Basic Office Outlook 2003

      Thanks for the reply, Virtual. I sure hope it's not a trial version considering what a pain it was to set up multiple accounts. I'm sure you all know the Rules don't work to get all the profiles together for one account - didn't for for me anyway. They'd work and then an hour later they didn't work. I finally set up different accounts. Have to close Outlook and reopen for each one, a real pain but at least I solved the problem.

      Thanks again for the reply. I appreciate it!


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        Re: Price for Basic Office Outlook 2003

        Glad to help.