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Issue with Outlook 2003 Forms

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  • Issue with Outlook 2003 Forms


    I am currently trying to make a reply mail forms with several custome fileds to be completed by the end-user.

    The current forms works as follow:

    User A send a Forms email to User B with the only option to reply using another Forms containing the custom fields.

    The User B completes those differents fields then sent the mail to User A.

    Everything works fine excepted for one thing. The User A received an email with all custom fields but those fields doesn't contain the data entered by the User B. (It is a blank forms)

    Could you help me on this ?

    I am working with Exchange 2003 and both Forms are located in Organizational Forms Library.

    Thank you

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    Re: Issue with Outlook 2003 Forms

    Solved !!

    I had to configure properties (fields, value,...) stupid thing but it is not specify anywhere in MS technote...