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Outlook 200x / Exchange 2003 size difference

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  • Outlook 200x / Exchange 2003 size difference


    my question : why the sizes displayed in Outlook are different between the server ans workstation (local) tabs ?

    I have found a topic about this (june 2005) but I cannot find my answer...

    It can be a problem with the sent limit restriction...

    My client : Outlook 2003 / 2007
    My server : Windows 2003 Server / Exchange 2003 Server

    Thanks in advance for your answer


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    Re: Outlook 200x / Exchange 2003 size difference

    Sometimes the local cache just gets out of sync. In the past I've usually just re-set up their outlook profile and had it re-download all of their mail. Don't know if this is the best solution, but it's worked for me.

    Alternatively, you can delete the OST file, but I don't know the full implications of this.
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      Re: Outlook 200x / Exchange 2003 size difference

      Thanks a lot for your answer.

      It seems to be the server data which is not the right one...
      If some items are deleted, the local data size decrease but not the server data.

      But you're right, maybe the client doesn't give the new information to the server. Your method works, but i cannot ask to the user, if I cannot access to its PC, to do this action.

      By deleting the .OST file, I will have to download data stored on the server when I open Outlook.
      A problem can occured only if the user is offline...I think.

      another idea ?



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        Re: Outlook 200x / Exchange 2003 size difference

        I am not entirely sure myself but do you think it may be the retention policy for a server keeping it at that level? They may be deleted in the local cache but the server will no doubt keep these for another 7 days depending on policy. Just a thought. I don't know whether it works this way.


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          Re: Outlook 200x / Exchange 2003 size difference

          I have had a look to the retention policy but it' not linked.
          I have undestood that the retention policy is used in a case of restore. The size of the private database is not decreased when you delete items in a mailbox. The size is decreased when the eseutil is used, to compress the .EBD file (like .PST file).
          The post topic I've read on this forum (june 2005) mentioned that retention policy. But, by putting it to 0 day, it doesn't change anything...

          I'm not sure, so if i'm wrong...

          Thanks a lot for your idea.