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  • POP3 Missing Mail

    Hey guys,

    I got a coworker that uses Outlook 2003 to get her email through POP3. Today when she went to see her old email, everything past two months was missing. Now I checked the archives and they werent there, the Inbox is set to not auto archive. I was thinking that the folder might be full but read that in 2003 they took the 2gig limit off. I was able to recover her old email from a back up I had done but there its still 5 days missing. My worry is on how to prevent this from happening again.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: POP3 Missing Mail

    The limit depends if the pst file is Unicode or not. ANSI pst files are limited to 2GB but the native file format in 2003 and up is Unicode, capable of larger files (20GB). However, if you open an Outlook 2000 pst file in 2003 it will not "convert" so you don't get a bigger limit. Maybe she upgraded from 2000 to 2003, so may still be stuck with the limit. And yes, pst files near that limit do get flaky.

    Anyway, any database system can get corrupted, so the moral is: backup, backup and backup again. Every day. She benefited from having a fairly recent backup, so if the file is really Unicode and you are sure that it is not ansi and nowhere near the limit, you can talk to her about how important it is to have decent & frequent backups of everything, including all her other files and stuff too.

    Scanpst is a tool that gets installed with Outlook (just search c:\program files for scanpst.exe) and this tool can be used to fix pst files.
    Best wishes,
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      Re: POP3 Missing Mail

      Thanks Paul for your reply. I will do as you advise and just have her do back as often as she can to be on the safe side.