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Using exchange for getting emails on laptop (XP) and desktop (Vista)

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  • Using exchange for getting emails on laptop (XP) and desktop (Vista)

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using layman's terms because I don't know much about this at all, but I found this site so I figured someone may be able to help out. I'll provide whatever info I can based on my knowledge of MS op systems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have an XP based laptop and it uses Outlook 2007. There are no problems getting emails on the laptop, and my Blackberry picks everything up just fine as well, so no issues with the exchange program there.


    I just got a new desktop that runs on Vista, and I installed Outlook 2007...I left the figuring out to my boyfriend who is pretty good with this stuff, but looks like we still need help perfecting this. Outlook is NOT pulling all of my emails from the server - my laptop and Blackberry get all emails though. The emails I do receive are very time-lagged compared to my laptop and Blackberry. Moreover, when I try to open emails, I get an error message saying 'This message has not been fully downloaded from the server. Would you like to mark it for download?' Too bad the computer can't hear my sarcastic reply LOL. And of course I want to download it, why else would I have Outlook? Ha!

    Why is this happening? My ideal situation would be to have my emails all arrive simultaneously to all 3 components, issue free.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance -


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    Re: Using exchange for getting emails on laptop (XP) and desktop (Vista)

    Moved to the Outlook forum.

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      Re: Using exchange for getting emails on laptop (XP) and desktop (Vista)

      Where are your emails hosted? Is this from your ISP or an Exchange (or similar mail) Server?
      Is this a home, SOHO or business setup?
      Have you compared the setting in Outlook on the XP machine to the Outlook settings on the Vista machine? Can you find any differences?
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