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    I have a group of 10 people as part of reception team. Daily one will take care of reception work. So, we created a rule in outlook of all conference room mailboxes to forward meeting requests mails to all these 10 people. When a person is on reception he accepts/rejects all meeting requests based on the availability(all ten people have necessary permission on all conference room mailboxes) of conference rooms. When that person is not in reception work, he just deletes all the meeting requests mail from his inbox as he don't needs them. As a result, only one person in reception is accepting/rejecting meeting requests and remaining 9 people are deleting them from their own inbox per day.

    Recently, reception people complained that some meeting requests are getting deleted automatically from conference room calendars, though they haven't done any thing to them. After checking in internet, the site,, explained that meeting requests may get disappear if two people open same mailbox from multiple places, being one accepting meeting requests and another deleting that.

    Is this applicable to my scenario also? I just wanted to know this.

    >>>From above link

    Keep meetings from vanishing If you run Outlook on two computers and accept a meeting while using one of them, don't delete the meeting request from the Inbox on the other computer. If the request is still there, accept it again. Deleting a request on one computer after accepting it on another computer can cause the meeting to disappear from your calendar.


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    Re: Query on Meeting requests

    As long as they're opening / deleting FORWARDED emails, and not emails in an actual shared mailbox, then that quote shouldn't apply.

    However, since they're all getting a meeting request that they all control, it's feasible that they're possibly declining it first, and then deleting it.
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