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Outlook 2003 Messages Flickering

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  • Outlook 2003 Messages Flickering

    Hi All

    I have several staff who are getting a constant flickering in Outlook 2003. This is only when certain new messages are selected in the preview. These messages also take an age to display in the reading pain.

    When you look at the message headers it looks corrupt. All there is is rows of ?????????????????????? ??????? ?????? ?? ?????? ????? etc. The entire header is made up of these.

    If you select another message with a normal header the flickering isn't there.

    I saw the thread on here about some display drivers causing this but it's not this. They use ATi VGA's anyway not the Intel VGA the other thread is based on.

    This is message corruption I'm sure but anyone know what causes it?

    I use a Barracuda 200 to filter mail to Exchange 2k3 SP2.

    Machines are brand new and not all the same model suffering.

    Driving me and staff mad please help.



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    Re: Outlook 2003 Messages Flickering

    Look at the path the message takes.
    If you have AV on the machines remove that.
    If you are using AV or antispam on the server then remove it (disabling it is not enough). The appliance will also be of concern and I would be looking to remove it from the mail path.

    I have never seen Exchange corrupt messages, it was always third party tools, so those are what I go after.

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