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  • RPC Over HTTP

    After a bright idea to set up RPC over HTTP (which i'm now regretting) i have looked at all the websites, searched google and been through all the options in outlook and exchange.

    We are running Windows 2003 Server, Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003.

    I have included a screen print to show my problem. I can contect to the Lan and collect my email. However when I try and connect from home I get the following message (See error.jpg), it will connect to the directory but not to collect the email.

    The firewall is not blocking it. I have ticked the 'connect to my exchange mailbox using HTTP' box and the url 'to connect to my proxy server' is correct.

    When I try to send and receive I get the error message;
    'Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004011D) : 'The server is not available. Contact your administrator if this condition persists.'

    Has anyone else come across this problem or could help me out a little?

    Thanks in advance

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    I've seen this when a user connects via the Cisco VPN client. For some reason Kerberos UDP packets were dropped by the firewall built into the VPN software.

    Are you using a VPN? If you are make sure it is not dropping Kerberos packets. If it is you have two options, change the primary authentication method to NTLM or Force Windows to use TCP for Kerberos (which is what I did).

    Also, make sure the RPC ports are open on your router. I know you said its not being blocked by the router, just making sure.;en-us;325930

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      We can check what packets are dropped and what are let through with our router and firewall and all the data is being let through.

      However the firewall shouldn't stop HTTP anyway.