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Incoming Mail doubled up - Outlook 2007

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  • Incoming Mail doubled up - Outlook 2007

    I have a client that uses Outlook 2007 with a POP/SMTP ISP. The system is set up to kep a copy of the message on the ISP server for 5 days, then remove it.

    The local user is getting multiple copies of each email - often 5 - 10 in a single day. Removing the 'keep on server' is not an option as the user needs to use webmail when offsite.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Re: Incoming Mail doubled up - Outlook 2007

    Use IMAP or webmail internally?

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      Re: Incoming Mail doubled up - Outlook 2007

      Sounds like it's most likely due to a configuration issue on the mail server. Have you reinstalled Outlook to see if that's the problem?

      Is this only affecting one user on one machine?
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