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  • Outlook 2003 - Public Folders Calendar

    Hello everyone.

    I have a problem, my CEO would like to have a shared Calendar from the Public Folders as startup page in Outlook 2003. Is it possible? and how?

    Thank you.

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    Click the 'Customise Outlook today' button and click the show me these folders. Then you can choose and outlook calendar in the public folders.

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: Actually... that doesn't help. It just shows the calendar under the messages area... shame! Still looking.... anyone else...?
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      It would be nice "al last" that Outlook keeps the "Other Calendars" always checked, so i start with my Calendar and it automatically activates the other Calendars.

      Anyone any help?


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        Not 100% sure on what you meant by your last post but I think you need to

        Navigate to the Shared Calendar under Public Folder, right click and choose add to Favourites, then when you view your Calendar the shortcut to the shared calendar is below under "Other Calendars".

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          I already did that, but everytime i restart Outlook, it unchecks the "Other Calendars" and i have to reactivate them manually. Do only I have this problem or is it common?


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            Please help ^_^