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Outlook 2007 Search Folder

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  • Outlook 2007 Search Folder

    Hi All,

    I have two exchange 2007 SP1 servers with MAIL/CAS/HUB roles on them.
    Some of our users are using Outlook 2003 and some are using 2007.

    Our company's president has Outlook 2003 installed and a search folder with the different subfolders that are categorized with the different colors and priorities such as 4hour resolution, 8hour resolution etc.

    I just upgraded his assistantís Outlook to 2007 and she has his mailbox mapped to her Outlook for administration purposes.
    After that she's no longer able to see his search folder with all those categorized messages that were there before the upgrade.

    I gave her a diff pc with Outlook 2003 on it and mapped his Mailbox and the folder was showing just fine.

    So, it seems that it is only not working with Outlook 2007. I was not able to find anything to get this resolved yet.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Outlook 2007 Search Folder

    I have run into considerable problems when accessing a user's mailbox from different versions of Outlook. I would recommend that anybody who accesses this mailbox should do so through Outlook 2003, or you should upgrade all of them to Outlook 2007.
    Gareth Howells

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      Re: Outlook 2007 Search Folder

      Thanks for your suggestions gforceindustries, but it just not what I am looking for at this time.
      I wanted to have his assistant to learn new Office 2007 first, and then she would teach him that. That way I don’t have to move my desk into his office…
      Any other suggestions anyone?
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