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Front-end and Outlook 2003

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  • Front-end and Outlook 2003

    Hey Guys,

    I think i am going crazy (again). I have build a test enviroment for work as we are trying to implement a front end server with up to 3 back-end server.

    I have build one front and one back end test servers.

    On the front end i have installed RPC-Proxy made it a front end server and configured SSL.

    On thebackend i have checked the RPC-Backend server.

    Using OWA it works fine using the front end but if i try to create a profile using Outlook it can not resolve the name.

    Both servers are 2k3 (OS and Exchange) and exchange is SP1. I have even tried RPC over Http but still outlook can not find the server.

    Can Outlook be used with a front end server or is it only OWA ?

    As well i had a look at site for any good guide on backend and frontend installation/configuration but couldnt find anything.

    The MS guide was pretty average.


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    Interesting. I just appied this fix and it almost worked

    If i do a check name on the profile it automatically changes the name of the server to (example) and the server and name is highlighted (meaning it resoved).

    If i try to use Outlook the login window is using the backend which the way it is configured it is not accessible as it belongs to a private IP network.


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      Remember that Outlook cannot use Front-End topology, only OWA, POP3 and NNTP. However you CAN user RPC over HTTPS in these situations.

      Daniel Petri
      Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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        OK i better provide a better picture.

        Front end server name is mailx02 . 2 Nics one second

        Backend server name is mailx03. 1 NIC IP address

        Client pc 1 NIC IP

        OWA works fine if i enter https://mailx02/exchange

        Outlook now works as well but not the way i would like it to work.

        On the mail profile i have the following

        Exchange server: mailx02
        Username : Administrator

        I have enabled RPC over HTTP with the following settings:


        Once I press check names it changes the server name to mailx03 and it resolves my username.

        Once i try to login the login screen is asking for credentials for mailx03 which of course the client cannot see so i can not login.

        I might have misunderstood the way front end server work but what i am trying to achieve is that the only name that our users need to know is the front end. The backend servers are not accessible to anybody except the front end server.

        Any help would be highly appreciated.


        MCP,MCSA , CCNA , No Life


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          I never had the priviledge to talk to you so now that i do i have to say what a great site you have .... Unfiortunately i have not been a very active member on replies but you have helped me a lot.

          Ok back to this issue. I have set up RPC over HTTP and as per last post but i am not happy on the result.

          If i move users to different servers i want Outlook to be able to resolve the new server automatically so thats why i needed a front end server.

          I work for a exchange hosting company so if move users to new mail server i do not want to users to be effected.

          I hope i make sense


          MCP,MCSA , CCNA , No Life