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POP3 Problem

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  • POP3 Problem

    is there is defrence between the incoming mail if i type : example: or or when im using two defrent ISP's

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    Re: POP3 Problem

    Ultimately it depends on how the pop3 server is setup.

    It could be that each host name resolves to stand-alone boxes that are synced, or the head of a clustered pop server. So, the answer is - It depends. Call the owner of the pop3 server and ask.

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      Re: POP3 Problem

      It definitely matters. You must use the mailserver name that your ISP gave you. If you do not use the correct name, you will not be able to connect via POP3? Were any of those 3 mailserver names provided by your ISP/ email provider?


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        Re: POP3 Problem

        I'll try myself a replay.
        1. it doesn't matters how many ISP you use. Your mail server is supposed to be reached from whatever point in the world you are.
        2. mail, pop or pop3 (from, and are records in a DNS server solving the IP of and subsequent records of it. If all of those records point to the same IP address (you can check this by pinging them or by traceroute or by diging those records on the DNS server) - than it doesn't matter. But if you'll find that those IP are not the the same - than it matters.