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  • Auto complete and signature

    Dear allwhen i reconfigure the outlook 2003 say while opening outlook it is not finding the pst from the share so i use to map the pst to the outlook. in that case my signature in the outlook and the auto complete feature while composing mails are gone. i hope these things aer stored in the PST in outlook 2003. by why while reconfiguring pst these settings are not working. I have to resend test mails to each and every contact inorder to have the auto complete feature working. also i have to make a new signature every time i reconfigure the outlook pst

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    Re: Auto complete and signature

    1. PST File use over the network is not supported.

    2. Signature, autocomplete, **the data about open PST files** and so on are stored in Outlook's configuration files in your User Profile. I suspect your user profile is either not working properly or is being cleaned out by your network admin... or you have been given a mandatory or read-only user profile.

    Please advise more about your setup: are you on a Domain? Are you set up with a Roaming Profile? If either of these two are "Yes", then you need to contact your support people. Otherwise, I would start by deleting your user profile and creating a new one; you will need to reconfigure everything (again) but you might find that this stops the problem happening.

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