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Outlook option missing

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  • Outlook option missing

    I have just installed a new SBS2003 server and connected a number of existing pcs to it. On one pc the "More settings" option is missing from the Email accounts menus, which means I can't add another user mailbox to that users profile. It will open manually from "File / Open / Other users mailbox", but it is a nuisance doing it that way all the time.

    Pc is running XP Pro SP2 and is patched up to date (apart from SP3!). Numerous other pcs with the same spec. do not have this problem, and all were installed the same way, i.e. from the client apps folder.

    Any advice gratefully received.


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    Re: Outlook option missing

    What version of Outlook are you using?
    Did you join the PCs to the SBS Server using the Wizard (http://servername/connectcomputer ) or did you do it manually?
    Is the user an Administrator on the local PC?
    Check one of the other PCs to see if there are any permission differences (eg. are they an Administrator, Power User, member of a different OU etc )
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