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Outlook / POP3 - Strange Files Generated on C: drive?

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  • Outlook / POP3 - Strange Files Generated on C: drive?

    I noticed files with strange names are generated on C: (only with POP3 users)

    After removing applications, running security software, etc. these files are still generated on different users' systems, and the only remaining application is Outlook 2003. I determined every time a user logs on and uses Outlook 2003, a new batch of files are generated. This only occurs with POP3 email accounts. (I checked 3 other POP3 users and all have these files - 3 other MS Exchange accounts do NOT have these files).

    The files appear in succession (let's say 30 are generated all within the same minute). For each batch of files, there exists a .txt file. Opening this .txt file reveals email-related information.

    Some file names are:
    sg20, sg20.1a, sg20.1b, sg20.1c, etc.

    Some users experienced over 100,000 files over a 2-year period utilizing 25GB of space.

    Again, this does not happen with Exchange accounts.
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