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Export/Import Calendar in Outlook 2007

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  • Export/Import Calendar in Outlook 2007

    A user (A) has taken on the job role of another user (B) who is still working at the Company. I need to export a Calendar from User B and import in to User A's Calendar. I have tried emailing it using the feature offered but no dates exist when User A receives it. Which method should I be using?

    Any help appreciated.

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    Re: Export/Import Calendar in Outlook 2007

    In Outlook go to File click on Import and Export option, then choose export to a file, next screen choose Microsoft Excel 98-2003, next from the list of folders select Calendar, choose location where to save this file, click Finish, choose date range and click OK. Same thing applies for the Calendar Import - just choose Import instead of Export option.
    Make sure to test this on the test system/user first.
    Hope it helps.


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      Re: Export/Import Calendar in Outlook 2007

      Thanks John,

      Will keep this in mind for another time. They decided to share the Calendar out in the end and have done it that way but I am sure there will come a time when only one will be performing the job role after hand over.

      Thanks once again.