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Outlook Spikes CPU up.

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  • Outlook Spikes CPU up.

    I am not sure if any one else has come across this situation. In our company, we have standardized on XP pro and Office 2003. One of our users is having issues with outlook. When it is launched, at first everything seems OK. You can browse between the different functions (calendar, tasks, contacts & Mail) it moves pretty fast. However when she tries to compose an email, it semi freezes on her. I see CPU usage spiking and hovering any where from 35% to 50%. You can even see "not responding" sign on outlook. If you wait a minute, it comes out of this funk, but this happens with composing every new message and reading any new or old message. BTW, the computer is running fine other wise. All apps are responsive and the computer is very responsive fast other wise. Is there a diagnostic program or software fix for this. I hate to have reformat or image a new PC. She has a bunch of applications that were installed for her only.

    Any insight is appreciated.

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    Re: Outlook Spikes CPU up.

    I'm guessing they're using Word to compose / edit emails? If so, disable it, close / open Outlook, see what happens.
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      Re: Outlook Spikes CPU up.

      I thought that too. I have already disabled word as the editor. It did improve it, but very marginally. I also updated to service pack 2. Still the same issue.


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        Re: Outlook Spikes CPU up.

        Anti Virus maybe?
        Can you run procexp from the sysinternals suite (link in sticky in misc forum) to see what else runs?

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