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Outlook 2007 & attaching files

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  • Outlook 2007 & attaching files

    Issue 1
    I am experiencing a strange issue, users are using Outlook 2007 and windows xp pro sp2, they go to attach a file from their network home folder. No folders or files are visible.
    I launch Windows Explorer and select their home folder and all the files are visible.
    Issue 2
    Email arrives into outlook 2007, inbox shows unread messages, none are visible and before you ask check the view settings nothing wrong. Emails are visible on webmail and mobile devices.
    Issue 3
    User goes to attach file, paperclip cannot be selected.

    All the above can be resolved by a re-boot, but, why does it happen?
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    Re: Outlook 2007 & attaching files

    Are you using Exchange, if so, which version?

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      Re: Outlook 2007 & attaching files

      Any AV on the box in question?

      This may be close? (LINK)

      Ok guys after much digging around I found the culprit. It has do with a recent maintenance update for Symantec updating from vers. 11.0.1000 to ver. 11.0.2010 . if you go to the add ins in outlook and disable the symantec addin it takes care of the problem. someone should post this here. As this issue is barely recognized by Symantec. Below is the Fix ID on the symantec site. Thanks for all the help.

      Symantec Endpoint Protection Outlook Plug-in breaks all Outlook attachments
      Fix ID: 1190655
      Symptom: Whether the Outlook Plug-in is turned off or on, all Outlook attachments are broken when opened from a computer with Symantec Endpoint Protection client installed.
      Solution: Ensured that Outlook attachments can be opened on Symantec Endpoint Protection Clients with Outlook Plug-in installed.

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        Re: Outlook 2007 & attaching files

        I would click on help in Outlook 2007 and run the Office Diagnostic tests let it repair itself reboot and try again