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Migrating from Squirrel mail to Outlook2003

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  • Migrating from Squirrel mail to Outlook2003

    This is my situation. We are using squirrel mail to send and receive emails, we accomplish that by typing www.webmail.our organization Now we have finished installing Exchange Server2003 and we want to use Outlook2003 as our client for users. I want our users to save all their emails in squirrel mails and then be able to open it up in Outlook2003 and then we can discontinue using the squirrel mails. Any one out there knows the possible ways of transfering all their mails from squirrel mail to Outlook2003? Thanks guys.

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    Yes there is a very easy way:

    We did this two years ago from squirrel mail to exchange 2000:

    * Change all you Linux passwords to a known password
    * Create an imap.csv as detailed in the Exchange Mail Migration Wizard
    * Run the migration wizard using your imap.csv file

    Tada! Its quite easy. All the accounts must exist in AD that your are migrating and then they will get a folder in their outlook called 'mail' i think. We did 130 mailboxes, it took about 6 hours (dont know why!!)

    Hope this helps.
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      Squirrel mail is only a web front-end.
      What is the IMAP/POP3 backend it is using ?
      (Cyrus, Qmail, Curier, IMAPD ?)
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        Tonyyeb, can you provide me a step by step guide how you guys did this please. Thanks.


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          I noticed this thread seemed to just die.

          We're using qmail/spamassassin/clam-av with the horde as the webmail front end. however, most people just access the server using outlook on their workstations.

          I've gotten exchange 2003 running on SBS 2003. There is one other 2003 DC so it's a pretty simple network.

          However, I'm having some problems. I was able to send mail internally through the account on our qmail server to some test mailboxes I had set up in exchange. I just created several users (test1, test2 etc) in AD, mail enabled them and set up my outlook to check those mailboxes as well as my main one. All seemed to be running fine except... OWA wasn't working. Some tweaking in IIS fixed that. Now I can log into OWA and I must admit, from the perspective of someone who's used pretty much every iteration of the outlook web client this is pretty slick.

          But now I can't send mail anymore. If I log in to OWA and attempt to send to my main email address, it just gets delayed until the server reaches it's timeout (10hrs I think) and then it's deemed undeliverable.

          When I try to send through Outlook from my main address to any of the test addresses, qmail gives me:

          > Connected to but sender was rejected.
          > Remote host said: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first

          the exchange server seems to be rejecting it b/c qmail doesn't issue starttls. so turned off tls everywhere I thought I could but I'm still getting the failure notices.

          I hope that was descriptive enough. It's the end of the day here and I'm beat. If anyone has any suggestions, I look forward to reading them in the morning. Thanks

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            I should also probably mention that my ultimate goal is to continue using qmail/spamassassin/clam-av. That server will relay mail to the exchange server. I've setup a smart host in exchange and allowed the qmail server to relay mail through the exchange server (using the "deny all except..." in the relay settings).

            This will let the qmail server handle the load of spam catching and AV scanning while exchange can simply process the mail.

            Proven e-Commerce Solutions
            340 N. 12th St.
            Suite 200
            Philadelphia PA 19107