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Outlook 2003 desktop alert doesn't show first lines of the message

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  • Outlook 2003 desktop alert doesn't show first lines of the message

    Well, I think the subject is quite explicative. My Outlook 2003 does not show, by default, a desktop alert when new mail arrives. I created a rule and now it shows the desktop alert for every new mail, but it only shows the sender and the subject of the mail, not the first lines of the body. Some people in my organization have done the same as me (creating a rule to see the desktop alert) and they do see the first lines of the message.

    Is there any registry key or something similar that I need to modify?

    Thanks and sorry for my poor english.

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    Re: Outlook 2003 desktop alert doesn't show first lines of the message

    Make sure you follow the steps below: ( from MS web site, check the source link below)
    Note You only receive Desktop Alert notifications if you have Microsoft Exchange server and Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) profiles. Internet Mail Access Protocol version 4 (IMAP4) and HTTP accounts do not support the Desktop Alerts feature.

    To open the settings dialog box for the Desktop Alerts feature, follow these steps: 1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
    2. On the Preferences tab, click E-mail Options.
    3. Click Advanced E-Mail Options.
    4. Click Desktop Alert Settings.
    In the Desktop Alert Settings dialog box, you can configure the duration and the transparency of your Desktop Alert notifications for when a new e-mail message is received. To turn off the Desktop Alerts feature, click to clear the Display a New Mail Desktop Alert check box.

    You receive Desktop Alert notifications for new, unread e-mail messages that are delivered to the default Inbox of the default account in your profile. Additionally, Desktop Alert notifications only occur during scheduled Send/Receive operations or when a new e-mail message arrives after the initial synchronization.

    Desktop Alert notifications do not appear during the initial synchronization of an account or when you request a manual Send/Receive.

    If you are using message rules and a new e-mail message is moved out of the default account Inbox, you may not receive a Desktop Alert notification, or the Desktop Alert notification may not appear for the full duration of time that you configured in the settings for the Desktop Alerts feature.

    For more information about Desktop Alerts, click Microsoft Outlook Help on the Help menu, type desktop alerts in the Search for box in the Assistance pane, and then click Start searching to view the topic.



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      Re: Outlook 2003 desktop alert doesn't show first lines of the message

      That didn't help me. My problem is not about not receiving desktop alerts, it's about desktop alerts not showing the first lines of the received message. Adjusting transparency of the alert won't help me.