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Too Many Emails stored in outlook basic edition 2003

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  • Too Many Emails stored in outlook basic edition 2003

    hi...hope someone can help me. I just looked at this to tell you what I have here...a dell computer running windows XP professional version 2002, service pack 2.
    I have been noticing that my outlook basic edition2003 is running much slower these days and now when I begin a new message and want to send to several people ....(I defrag frequently) I click the drop down box to select my names of the contact and it's empty....(meaning, the contacts are not showing up when I try to create a new email). I suspect this has something to do with the 5700 emails stored in my inbox and maybe the 6000 in my sent box? (many times I go back to my sent file to resend to those people or to prove I have sent them a message & they have never replied - the joys of managing your property I know you are suppose to archive, but I cant figure out how to find those archived emails so I dont do it...
    can go back to archived emails and open easily? (many of my emails are important correspondence that I have to look back on occasionally)
    also, I want to be able to file each email that comes from my property managers in their file folder. what is the best way to do this?
    do I store this in the outlook program or do I save it in word doc file folder?
    can i file old emails (by creating a rule of some sort) that should have been saved/filed into their corresponding file folders the day they came in my box? I need to learn how to organize this info after it comes to my inbox and has been read. Thanks, in advance, to whomever can help me.
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    Re: Too Many Emails stored in outlook basic edition 2003

    doesn't anyone out there have a solution for me???


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      Re: Too Many Emails stored in outlook basic edition 2003

      Create a second PST file to store older emails if you don't feel comfortable using Archive. Little or unused emails could be dragged to the "storage" PST you have just created. This will reduce the load on the active Outlook PST.
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