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Outlook Auto-Archive GPO Management

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  • Outlook Auto-Archive GPO Management

    We wanted to centrally manage/control Outlook auto-archiving, so we imported the office '03 & '07 adm templates into AD and created our GPO which was successfully applied. However we found that even after waiting the 7 days (the time frame configured between the auto archives) that the auto-archive was not happening even though the settings were configured (and grayed out) in Outlook.

    it appears that if we go back after the GPO is applied and click the "apply these settings to all folders now" button in Outlook that it seems to kick the auto-archive into gear and works afterwards.

    Why is the auto-archive not working as it 'appears' it should? Is there registry setting or VBS script (etc) that we can use to kick things off, or use to equivalent of clicking the "apply these settings to all folders now"?

    Might this have something to do with settings on the Exchange server? Are the configuration files on the server?!?!

    I know that there are 3rd party utilities (Symprex and GFI to name two) that can assist in doing this, however with the GPO it appears that we should not have to rely on a third party utility here.

    I appreciate any thoughts or insights you might have on our issue.
    Thank you!
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    Re: Outlook Auto-Archive GPO Management

    If I'm not mistaken, the GPO settings will not work untuil you manually create the archive one time as the GPO has no mechanism for specifying the file name and location of the archive file.