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Mail Merge Problems with Outlook 07 & 03

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  • Mail Merge Problems with Outlook 07 & 03

    i am having problems with both of these programs with mail merge's

    '07 wont send emails, when i go into properties it comes up with 'do not send till' ticked and anything from 3 hours till 3 days..
    but i cant find any option in word (where the document is created) or in outlook

    we decided to go back to outlook '03 as we have used this before and not had problems.
    i have it running on a dual core xenon beast so there should be no processing problems.
    i do about 1000 emails at a time, and have about 18,000 emails in total.

    with '03, it loads the emails up, then will either send out 50 - 100 and stall, or not send any at all.

    come up saying it's sending 1 of *** but never go's past that :S

    but then sometimes it will just start sending them, or just send another 1** odd

    anyone have any idea why this would happen?

    im at my wits end, im supposed to get these emails out within the first 5 days of each month, im now 11 days into the month and less than half have been sent

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    Re: Mail Merge Problems with Outlook 07 & 03

    I am having a similar problem. I go through all the necessary steps to send out a mail merge when I open up a new e-mail in Outlook. As I press "ok" to send the mail merge nothing actually sends!!!! At the office, everyone else can send out mail merges doing the same exact thing that I am and they send perfectly fine. But I can't get mine to work!!! Any ideas... The IT guys can't even figure it out...