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Outlook not displaying contacts in outlook address book

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  • Outlook not displaying contacts in outlook address book

    Hi, I have a problem with which Im hoping someone can help. I have outlook setup to receive emails from a webmail address, which works fine.

    The problem I have is when i look in my outlook address book its empty. However, if I start typing the name of the user, i.e. Bill, Amanda, John etc.. it starts to auto fill with the users email address.

    so it would appear that the addresses are there just not showing up in the outlook addressbook. so When i click on new email, click on the TO link and go to contacts/outlook address book there is nothing there.

    Im using outlook 2003. It sounds like a tick box im missing somewhere, hopefully it is and someone could just guide me to where it might be..

    Many thanks in advance for any help

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    Re: Outlook not displaying contacts in outlook address book

    Not quite.
    Everything is working as it is supposed to.
    That drop down list that auto completes as you type the email address is only a cache. It is volatile and can become corrupt too easily.
    That said, it has nothing to do with the address book/contacts. Those you must type in yourself.

    I'll bet you used Netscape as your email client at one time, there it was a feature. Outlook is quite different.
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