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Problem with Calendar in Oulook

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  • Problem with Calendar in Oulook

    Hi everyone,
    I have one that has me and everyone else that i have spoken with completly stumped.

    I have a user on my Exchange 2007 server that when she goes into her calendar, initially, only recurring meetings show up in the calendar. If she changes to a different date, and then back to the current date, or current week, all of her non-recurring meetings appear. If the user logs on through webmail, all of the appointments are there.

    I have tried running her in non-cached mode, i have deleted her outlook profile and re-created it and the same thing happens. When someone tries to schedule time on her calendar, the initial free-busy shows only her recurring meetings, but if the person scheduling the meeting, changes the date and then changes back, all of the rest of her meetings show up as busy.

    Has anyone seen this? Does anyone have any thoughts. I have opened this user's mailbox on my outlook and the same thing happens. So it doesnt sound like it is a client problem. This is one of our Marketing managers and she has been very patient with the IT group for a while, but it is starting to get on her nerves.

    Does anyone have any thoughts. Could it be mailbox corruption. Should i exmerge her email out and then mail-disable the user and then re-create it?

    Any assistance would be greatly apprecaited. My next step will be to call Microsoft and see if they have an answer.

    Thanks in Advance