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Deleegation/Access Permissions In Outlook 2003

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  • Deleegation/Access Permissions In Outlook 2003

    I seem to be confusing myself with Exchange Server email account.

    If I go to the Delegates Tab and give another User access to (e.g.) my Inbox and the other User adds my account via the email account Advanced tab on his PC. My mailbox appears in the other User's Folder list but the other user cannot open my folder. If however I go to my mailbox on my PC and right click to Properties and add access permissions for that User, the folder can be opened.

    Can someone please explain the diffference bewteen delegation and access permissions?



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    Re: Deleegation/Access Permissions In Outlook 2003

    If you only give access to the inbox then they I believe they will only be able to open it using file/open/other users folder. If you want to give them mailbox access then you need to give permissions at this level instead.

    Think of it like directories on a pc. You can create a folder with no permissions that people cannot browse to and open but you could create a directory within it, share that folder with permissions and people could open the share.

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