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Outlook 2003 OST 2GB size limit issue

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  • Outlook 2003 OST 2GB size limit issue

    Hello All,
    I have a user with a new windows load and a new load of office 2003. His OST file is just over 3GB and is now not sending or recieving email.
    I have tried to archive messages and delete messages from this users account, but no luck at all.
    The user is connected to a new SBS 2003 R2 installation that has Exchange activated and running. The exchange portion of the SBS 2003 R2 server even has Exchange SP2 installed on it.
    How can I increase the size of his OST file. Will I make th emodifications to increase the OST on the users laptop, on the SBS 2003 R2 server or both? What are the locations of the files or registry entries that I need to modify?
    do I have to make modifications in the Exchange System Manager on the SBS 2003 R2 server?
    Any insight that someone can lend would be very helpful.

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    Re: Outlook 2003 OST 2GB size limit issue

    Maybe this will help:

    Also, since the ost file is nothing more than an offline copy of the mailbox, you could reconfigure Outlook not to use cached mode and then delete the ost file. After that the user should be able to send/receive as well as clean up their mailbox. You can then re-enable cached mode to create a new, smaller ost file.


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      Re: Outlook 2003 OST 2GB size limit issue

      Thanks for replying so quickly! I really appreciate it.
      I have seen this KB article before, printed it,read it and walked away scratching my head.
      The registry fixes that they are suggesting in this article are they do be done on the users computer or on the server or both.
      I have also turned off the cached mode on the users OST file. I have deleted the original OST file setup and recreated the file, but to no avail.


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        Re: Outlook 2003 OST 2GB size limit issue

        The settings need to be made on the users computer only. Instead of re-enabling cached mode right away (which just recreates the 3GB ost file) why not disable it, have the user trim their email items to reduce the size of the mailbox, and then re-enable caching which will then create a smaller ost file?

        Other than that you could have the user archive some email to a pst file, but then you have to worry about backing up the pst file on the users computer, which may add to your management headaches.