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Outlook Meeting Request time scale problems

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  • Outlook Meeting Request time scale problems


    I am facing a weird problem in Outlook. Follow the below steps in your outlook to see the problem.

    * Open outlook. Go to Tools -> Options
    * In preferences, select Calendar Options. This brings up Calendar Options window.
    * In this windows, set start time to 8:30 AM and End Time to 11:30 PM and click on OK to save your changes.
    * Now, open a New Meeting Request(Ctrl+Shift+Q). Switch to scheduling tab.

    Problem: The right hand plane(where it has time scale) shows the start of day as 12:00 and end time as 3:00 for that day. If I select the start time (where a thin white line separates two days) and observe bottom plane(where Meeting request date/time are present), the time I selected in right plane doesn't match with the bottom plane in terms of timelines it is displaying. If I move the right planes slide bar to next day and move it back, the timings in right plane and bottom plane will match. Looks like there is some problem with updating time scale in Right plane of Scheduler tab in Meeting requests.

    Attaching a sample screen(file name: screen.jpg) where problem can be observed(time lines are not matching between right plane window and bottom window).

    PS: I am unable to reproduce this problem if the end time is 11:00PM. Problem appearing if we specify a end time greater than 11:00PM

    Let me know if my question is not clear. I may write more to explain you better.

    I am not sure if this is a expected behavior with Outlook.

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