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Problem sending multiple recipient mail

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  • Problem sending multiple recipient mail


    I'm having a problem with sending some mail in outlook 2003. This mail is send to multiple users (+/- 30) in BCC.

    I got an error message like this one :
    The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

    somebody_address on 07/05/2008 11:08

    You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For assistance, contact your system administrator.


    If I send the same mail with Outlook2000 as it was before migration to 2003, then it works fine.

    Of course the sender as all access to this mail address as it's his own.

    I'm using Exchange2003 server.


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    Re: Problem sending multiple recipient mail

    What happens when you send an e-mail only from that same account to the account that returns error ?
    While searching the Web for a solution for you, I found this by Dean T. Uemura (Microsoft MVP - Exchange ):
    I've seen this happen in instances where you (as the sender) do not have reverse-DNS set up. Some receiving mail systems will not accept mail without being able to perform a reverse-DNS lookup to confirm the mail is coming from a legitimate source.
    Is it relevant to you, by any chance?
    I also found this in our forums: ( can it be that despite your 14 posts, you did not read the forum rules yet?)
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      Re: Problem sending multiple recipient mail

      Thank you for your answer. I found that too when googleling.

      - When a mail is send to the person alone there is no problem.
      - I do have a reverse but as there is more then one internet line, the reverse point the other address that lets the mail in. But anyway, if it's exchange or DNS related, my question is : Why does it work in Outlook 2000 but not in Outlook 2003?

      For your information, I'm also using a smarthost from my Exchange to my ISP for outgoing emails.

      Originally posted by sorinso View Post ( can it be that despite your 14 posts, you did not read the forum rules yet?)
      Oh man... It's the first thing I've done before searching google

      - Anyway I've already seen this post and I do not have the exact same error coming.
      - As I said just above, this is not the same ADSL line that as the good FQDN, after all maybe it's the problem, but not so simple to change it.
      - No blackilist, I've checked.
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