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Creating a locked template

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  • Creating a locked template

    I would like to create a form or template that I can lock the template into the background where the person filling it out can just tab in between the areas to be filled out and not allowed to change the template itself. We have the form in an excel spreadsheet but they would like to just say new mail using template and have the form pop up ready to fill the info. out and then push send. There is only two people that this form gets sent to so a predestined to: and cc: is not a problem. When I create a .oft file, and then open it, I have the problem that if finished with a line and hit enter, it creates a new line, basically it's still in edit mode. I tried to take the spreadsheet and input it in for ease but here are the problems with that:

    Form does what I want if edited in word but can't save as .oft template
    Turn off word and save as .oft and the excel area is not able to edited.

    My first choice would be a way to use the excel sheet and open a new mail message and it be in place but I am running into brick walls here. Please help.