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public folder+outlook problem

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  • public folder+outlook problem

    i hope this is the right place for my question
    we have 2003 sbs server and 13 pc connected to the server
    users use outlook 2007

    one of the users has problem:when he wants to open a specific public folder outlook stops responding waits for a very long time

    this user has also problems with other public folders
    the other users works well with these public folders
    this user can work well with owa
    in another computer-whhen we login with this user's credentials the problem happens.
    i deleted the user' s account and mailbox and setup again but it didnt work
    i setup another profile on his computer (xp) but it also didnt work
    any ideas?

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    Re: public folder+outlook problem

    try copying an account that works to the problem user, versus creating a new account.

    is there a problem with the mailbox? when you say you deleted the mail-box, did you really purge the inbox and create a new box or did you reconnect the old box to the new profile?

    any group memberships special to this user?

    any GPO applied to any groups, possibly the user is a member of?
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      Re: public folder+outlook problem

      i will try copying a working account

      -yes i purge the mailbox
      -there is no group memberships special to this user
      -there is no gpo special to this user