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Outlook 2000 - Resource Booking

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  • Outlook 2000 - Resource Booking

    Hello all new to the forum…

    I have set up a number of meeting rooms on our outlook system. Everything seems to work fine in that the uses can book the meeting rooms using a meeting request, the request is automatically responded to and the meeting setup in the meeting rooms calendar. The meeting room will also not allow users to double book. All good...

    The problem I am having is that users can goto File > Open > Other Users Folder, and open the meeting room calendar. Once they have done this they can't edit other peoples meetings but they can double book a meeting room i.e add their own meeting at the same time as someone else’s.

    In the calendar permissions I have ‘Default Users’ set as Author. I have tried removing the view folder option, this does stop them opening the calendar but also seems to stop them booking the room via the meeting request.

    I have searched everywhere and can't find an answer.

    Thanks in advance.

    p.s sorry the question is rather long winded!

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    Re: Outlook 2000 - Resource Booking

    I have managed to solve this problem... Unfortunately I can't let you all know how I sorted it, I ended up removing all the permissions and starting again, seems to have done the trick!


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      Re: Outlook 2000 - Resource Booking

      Thanks for posting back and you sort of have told us how to solve the problem. Good job on getting it solved yourself.
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