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    I work for a business that has Personal Assistants who manage emails for the main bosses of the company. I have been asked by a couple of them if it is possible to colour code catagories for their boss.

    On the PA's computer I have shared the bosses email account, the PA has full permissions and can catagorize each email and use Automatic Formatting to colour code the emails depending on the catagory.

    My only problem is that when the Boss logs on from a different computer, he cannot see the catagories and the emails are not colour coded. I have been able to export the catagories from the registry to the bosses computer, but I am stumped as to how I can export the automatic formatting......

    Is there anyway to set up Colour coding for roaming users?

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    Re: Colour Coding Email Catagories

    What version of Outlook do they have?
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      Re: Colour Coding Email Catagories

      Oh I'm sorry i forgot the most important details haha,

      Server is Exchange 2007 and the Outlook client is 2003.

      I have had someone recommend we switch to Outlook 2007 as this has a function similar to what we require, but this is not feasible at the moment as we have just switched from Groupwise to Outlook 2003 as well as it would require that the boss has access to Outlook 2007 on any pc he needs to use.