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  • Outlook 2007 contacts


    I have a question about contact forms.
    Whenever i add a contact i need to add some data to it. Now i can ad notes, but where i can add notes i would like to be able to add:

    name text field 1: text field 1
    name text field 2: text field 2
    name text field 3: text field 3

    I've been rying with forms, but still wasn't succesful,

    anybody any idea's how i can achieve this?


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    Re: Outlook 2007 contacts

    Problem solved.
    finally found how to do it with a form


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      Re: Outlook 2007 contacts

      Well done! Could you tell us how? This may be useful for other people in the future
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        Re: Outlook 2007 contacts

        I'll try to add the right terms in english, i'm working with the dutch version.

        Start outlook
        Go to :
        Extra - Forms - Design Forms
        Choose the standard form contacts

        Delete the notes field
        add the fields you need in the field chooser, (add one field and copy paste doesn't work, you get the same data in every field then)

        For my purpose i added some text labels and after that i inserted the field i just created in the field chooser.

        then choose publish form and you are al set.
        You can access that form by choosing new form and select that form.

        FoThe only two setbacks i have are:

        the new design for the standard contacts form is gone, now that i can live with, i gues that is some vb code and don't now anything about that.

        second, when i save the form to my deskto and want to open it directly, outlook 2007 comes with the annoying message that you can't open an oft file directly.
        For this i am still searching for an answer, because it is for a client that just barely knows how to put on a computer f you kno what i mean

        Hope this will help somebody and if somebody knows the answer to my last problem, feel free to help out



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          Re: Outlook 2007 contacts

          hey there

          when you saved your form - rather than saving to your desktop - if you choose save as oft Outlook template - this should save in the correct folder where your templates are.

          When you want to open tools/forms/choose form

          hope this helps