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Mails on server 2003

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  • Mails on server 2003

    Hello again everyone ,

    My problem is : At my work we got a server 2003 + Exchange.
    My mails are stored on that server.
    Home i have a pop3/smtp accont and of course all the mails are stored here too in a PST file.(home i use outlook from office 2003).

    i just reinstall the computer , i keeped the .PST file and the .NK2 file.
    When i recreated the pop3 account instead that only the new mails (unread mails) should have download to the PST file , all the mails were download(evan the ones that i already had in the PST fle).

    So the question is : Is there an option so i wont have to download all the mails when i reinstall the computer ?

    Thank you

    Well sry i think this topic should be in outlook 2003 not here pls move it ..sry again.

    p.s. I hope i am getting understand here .
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    Re: Mails on server 2003

    Question moved to Outlook forum from Exchange forum.

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      Re: Mails on server 2003

      Go to tools menu, email accounts, next, highlight the account in question, hit change button, more settings button, advanced tab, under delivery section, check all three boxes, and change the days to 14 (or so).

      wait never mind the above, wrong answer
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        Re: Mails on server 2003

        I dont think there is a way to exclude the old mails from being downloaded to Outlook. But still i am looking into it.... will let you know if there is a way.


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          Re: Mails on server 2003

          Exchange is not a very good POP server, how about using RPC/HTTPS?
          Is that possible for you.
          "...if I turn out to be particularly clear, you've probably misunderstood what I've said” - Alan Greenspan


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            Re: Mails on server 2003

            Hey guys ,
            Thank you for your answers ,
            It would be great if there was something to do about this ...pop3...
            If not -1 point for bill
            Ty again anyways

            L.e: I just got an ideea :

            For Ex : How does the exchange , initially know to "take" out form the exchnge server only the "new" emails?
            What could be the diffrence after i recreated the pop3 account ? maybe a file or soemthing that "tell" the pst where to begin downloading?
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              Re: Mails on server 2003

              As far as POP3 is concerned, the Outlook client and Exchange server keep track of which emails have been downloaded. When you configure a new Outlook profile it is in essence a new client and therefore all emails will be downloaded. This is the way POP3 works. Exchange has no idea that these emails have been downloaded by the same computer before it only knows that this is a new Outlook client which has not downloaded the emails yet. Secondarily, if you're using Exchange you shouldn't have Outlook configured as a POP3 client you should have it configured as an Exchange client. Why do you want to download your emails off of the server?


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                Re: Mails on server 2003

                Hello and thank you joeqwerty

                1.. I only use Exchange at work , home i use POP3(cant use here excange )
                2. I need to download them more as a backup

                But now i understand you just CANT .

                Again thank you for your time guys.