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Word 2000 Pastes Tables as Images - Why?

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  • Word 2000 Pastes Tables as Images - Why?

    Our agency uses Office 2000 on WinXP SP2. I have a user that is simply trying to select some cells in Excel and paste them into Word. When pasting the cells (Control-V), the result is a pasted image of what the selection looked like. Using Paste Special is no different as it only gives the option of pasting bitmapped images. I've re-installed Office. I've logged in as myself and the behavior is normal, as in the pasted data appears in Word as a formatted Table. So this is certainly tied to the user's profile.

    I have deleted the user's template, as well as another file from her Excel "Application Data" folder. I cannot find any configurable option that will enable pasting of RTF data, which would format the Excel data into a Word table.

    Here's the kicker - copying a Word table from one document into another place on even the same document results in unformatted data.

    Any ideas on where I should look? I'm tempted to go delete-happy, despite the fact that uninstalling Office didn't change a thing. (I know...uninstalling Office is about as effective as wasting time.) Tips? Suggestions?

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    Re: Word 2000 Pastes Tables as Images - Why?

    Is your login a standard user like the end user, or do you have higher accesS?

    What would take less time - backing up their profile, deleting it from the PC, recreating it, or troubleshooting further?
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      Re: Word 2000 Pastes Tables as Images - Why?

      I'll probably just wipe the profile out. I was crossing my fingers that there was a 'switch' that I didn't know about. I tested permissions by setting the user as an Administrator but it didn't change anything. I'll make sure she's at Admin level when I start over again.