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Outlook 2003 Folder Lock?

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  • Outlook 2003 Folder Lock?

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a client that is running outlook 2003 from the Exchange server 2003. This user also uses a Palm Treo 700p. They have a lot of Important Documents that is stored inside there email and they would like to lock down one of the folders so when it gets synced to the phone he would have to type a password to get to that one folder is this POSSIBLE?

    He just wants to lock down say the Notes folder so on his phone when he goes to notes he has to type in a password. He does not want a password on the whole phone since he uses it a lot and that would be a hassle. Any Ideas would be great

    thank you

    He might be upgrading to a Blackberry very soon So if you have ideas about why the blackberry would be better i will push the subject.


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    Re: Outlook 2003 Folder Lock?

    you will have to consult the phone manufacturers website to find out if that feature is available... i would think not.

    the only option that i see is to put a lock on the entire phone. i dont see it as being a bigger hassle than having to unlock the folder every time it syncs...

    whats in the folder? why so important it gets locked? is that where all the porn account emails get sent? j/k...

    you can find the specs for the Treo 700p here.

    as far as better or worse, i always like the blackberry cause of the software and functionality, but the email syncing sucks with a bb. im really a fan of the M$ activesync, and since my WM5 smartphone (MDA) i cant go back. everyone has their own opinion on this...
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