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  • Outlook express problems

    Hello all

    I've recently encountered some problems in my Outlook Express 6.
    It's running on a fully updated Win XP.
    When you are creating a new mail message it just seats in the Outbox folder, everytime you press the send\receive the message is being sent but not moving to the Sent Items folder and it will be sent again next time you press Send\Receive.
    The second problem is that the Delete buttom is not working, it's red and not grey and when you press on it you can see it's being pressed but nothing happens. the delete button on the keyboard give me the same resulth.
    the only way I can delete emails is to press shift+delete.

    before you reply notice that the store folder is way over 2GB, but it was working fine until I moved the HD to a new hardware (and I installed all the new hardware drivers.

    Does anyone have a solution or should I go and do the Windows Repair?


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    Re: Outlook express problems

    Reduce the size of the database or switch to Outlook.

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