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    My client is running outlook 2000 and has approximately 20 POP accounts configured.

    My client is having active directory related issues.

    I need to remove his PC from the Domain and place it back in the domain.

    However, I'm sure that I will have to reconfigure outlook.

    How do I backup all of his setting in outlook and reapply them to his new profile.

    Including the POP3 accounts.... The POP3 accounts are very important to my client.

    Your help is appreciated.

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    Re: POP3 Accounts

    These instructions do not apply to those who are fully using Exchange, but since the question is about POP accounts, I expect the user has a local "Personal Folders" file which is also known as a PST file.

    1. Find the PST file. This is Outlook's local file which contains all the Outlook data (but it does NOT contain the POP accounts!). Note the PST file may be in a hidden folder and so you have to do a search for *.pst and specify to search hidden files and folders too. You may find several PST files on the PC, so it will be the most recently dated and/or the largest one that you want to keep. Now copy that onto another hard drive somewhere safe. Now make another copy of it just to be sure.

    2. To backup the POP accounts in Outlook 2000, each one can be exported. There is a handy "Export" button right there for you to use for this purpose. So, export each of the 20 POP accounts and copy them over to very safe hard drives.

    3. Now you can do the disjoin / rejoin to the domain whatever you need to do.

    4. Startup Outlook again and see if it has lost everything. Depending on the previous setup, it may not have lost everything. If it has, do these steps:

    5. To get the PST file back, you need to know the location of the brand new, empty one. So, do another search for *.pst and this time, you need to know the folder of the newest PST file - this will be the brand new empty one. Once you know its location and name, copy the one you saved in step 1. over the top of the brand new empty one. You have to close Outlook for this to work. If Outlook does not close properly, reboot and try again, because Outlook sometimes leaves the file "Open" and it can't be done until you do a reboot.

    6. Import the POP accounts that you saved in step 2. Make sure you import the POP accounts AFTER you have a fully working PST file, as per step 5. That way, and new emails will come into the correct inbox.
    Best wishes,
    MCP:Server 2003; MCITP:Server 2008; MCTS: SBS2008