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Double booking users in Outlook 2003

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  • Double booking users in Outlook 2003


    Could someone please let me know whether it is possible to prevent double booking of users in the Outlook 2003 calendar?

    What i currently have is a network of computers running XP and Office 2003, connecting to a server running Exchange 2003. I have setup 5 conference rooms as resources within Outlook/Exchange, and am able to assign users (attendees) to them.

    When doing some testing i have noticed that i am able to prevent a conference room (resource) from being double booked, however i can't prevent a single user being assigned to multiple conference rooms at the one time. E.g. I have a user called Bob that is booked into conference room 1 from 10am - 11am. Someone else in the office (with access privlieges to Bob's calendar) books him into conference room 2 from 10am - 11am. No warning is displayed and Bob is now booked into 2 meeting rooms at the one time.

    I realise that by looking at Bob's calendar it will be easy to see he is double booked, but i want the system to be dummy proof, in that when someone tries to double book Bob an error is displayed. Similar to the error that is displayed when trying to double book a resource.

    If anyone knows whether this is possible and can help, it would be greatly appreciated.