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Trying to setup Encryption in Outlook 2003

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  • Trying to setup Encryption in Outlook 2003

    I am trying to get out Network setup to send and receive Encrypted messages. Network Admin has setup the CA service on our Exchange 2003 server. We are getting our certs from there and installing into IE then we go to Outlook and install the cert. At this point my Network Admin and I have sent our Public Keys to one another using the digitial certs. After that, he sends me an encrypted message and I am able to open it but if I try to reply I get this error: " Microsoft Office Outlook had problems encrypting this message because the following recipients had missing or invalid certificates, or conflicting or unsupported encryption capabilities:". Now I can respond to a digitial sigined message with encryption on and it will send, but if the message I get is Encrypted, I cannot reply as a encrypted email. Encryption must be turned off. Thanks.

    Basically we are not able to exchange our Public keys by sending each other digitial signed emails. Any suggestions.

    We figured it out. Had to publish our certs to the GAL.
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    Re: Trying to setup Encryption in Outlook 2003

    Nice job sorting out the problem. We also appreciate you posting back with the solution to share with your fellow Members. Thanks.
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