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Blank Email Content in Outlook

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  • Blank Email Content in Outlook

    I have a user who occasionally sends out emails with blank content. The user
    constucts an email and sends it to a number of contacts. The email content
    when received is completely blank and the user receives no error message and
    the email is complete when checking in the sent items. The subject header
    and email recipient details are fine. It could be any recipient that
    receives blank content rather than a specific group or users.

    I have disabled the AV, I have changed the formatting of the message to
    plain text, html, with and without Word as the editor and it still happens.
    I'm unable to repeat the problem - I've sent about 50 test messages to
    different addresses and all worked fine.

    I have recreated the users mail profile and desktop profile. A new machine
    has been supplied with all new software installed. A completely new account
    for the user has been created with only the mail migrated using psts and
    access to their documents. No other settings were copied across.

    The network consists of Windows 2003 SP1 servers, Exchange 2003 SP2 servers,
    Windows XP SP2 and Office 2003 SP3. All updates are applied.

    No other user on the network is sending blank emails, this user is receiving
    fine and sending in almost every instance without a problem. However, when
    messages do get sent blank, it can cause enormous problems, particuarly for

    I've trawled the web for ideas and others with the same problem but never
    found a solution.

    I can only imagine it is something the user is doing when writing / sending
    the email but I can't afford to spend the time watching every single email
    being sent as it could be a long wait until it happens again. The only thing
    I seem to be able to know for certain is that it will happen again. This
    problem has been dragging on for ages and I have few options left to resolve
    this and desperately need some help.



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    Re: Blank Email Content in Outlook

    Maybe he's got nothing to say, and is sending blank emails? j/k

    Have you checked to see if the background and his font color are the same? Maybe he's typing it w/ white letters.
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      Re: Blank Email Content in Outlook

      Some people would agree with your first comment

      But seriously, yes, I have checked the font. There is simply no content there at the recipient end but the content is sitting there in the sent items.


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        Re: Blank Email Content in Outlook

        Is the blank email always to the same user?
        What email client to the recipients have?

        If the message is in the Sent Items, then is must surely be something on the receivers end.
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          Re: Blank Email Content in Outlook

          Clients are running Outlook 2003. Normally, they receive fine from the sender. Occassionally, they get a blank one, then carry on as normal. Recipients could be anyone.

          I'm still working on this and think I may have some more information regarding the case soon.


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            Re: Blank Email Content in Outlook

            Further investigation is showing that it only appears to occuring when emails are addressed to an external user and also sent to internal users. No external users are reporting problems.

            I've been looking at the headers and only those emails sent that appear blank and those that work fine. The only difference between successful and blank are that the content type on a blank mail shows as follows :

            Content-Type: application/ms-tnef;

            There are no winmail.dat attachments appearing and this problem is not consistent so I'm trying to work out how its occuring. I've checked all the settings and the user sending blank emails is sending using HTML and NOT Outlook RTF.